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EsQue Books is a newly formed book publisher focusing on new independent authors or authors looking to boost sales and readership.

We are focused on promoting our brand, EsQue Books.

We will include our authors as a community, drawing in readers across several genres. Each quarter, a new author will be added to EsQue Books bringing readers the exciting opportunity of discovering new writers and their various styles.

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Featured Title

Scrap of Paper

by EsQue

When Ivan Hathaway stops in a small town on his journey to erase the events of his past, he begins a new life, entangled with new people and new dangers.

Using skills from his past he opens a private detective agency the small town of Bagnell.

It does not take long before he is known as a guy not to mess with. No nonsense, a man not easily intimidated, even by law enforcement.

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Available Spring of 2024

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